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Our  Philosophy

We believe in the potential of all people to achieve happiness through athletic endeavor & mental clarity

We openly reject the limiting narrative the mainstream feeds us about our minds & bodies

We embrace the idea that challenging ourselves in safe, thoughtful ways leads to better health & a more enjoyable life

Instead of bragging about how many steps we took, at Momentum, we seek personal bests

Our team is here to help clients explore their potential in a way that is fun, supportive & thoughtful.

Why be shy about your goals? Be bold!

  • Has time or stress knocked you off the path?

  • Have they said you can't? Let's prove them wrong!

With Momentum on your side, anything is possible!

We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Here's the thing - being in shape is beyond beneficial to your health.

Feeling strong & achieving wellness has so much more to do with how great you can feel when comfortable in your own skin knowing your effort got you there.

We're here to guide you on your path and introduce the true joy of stimulating your inner athlete!

Far Beyond Ordinary

This is not weekend bootcamp taught by a newbie.

Our team brings decades of expertise from our high performance functional training facilities in greater Boston where both professional & amateur athletes come to achieve next level athletic & mental performance.

Visualization, balance, speed work, agility... you will access thought leadership, a culture of innovation & the highest industry certifications.

All genders, any age. We are committed to performance, safety & progression.

Meet The Team


Jenny is a Lead Coach at Momentumethod.  An innovator in health & wellness and competitive athlete, Jenny has helped hundreds of her clients achieve their goals.  Jenny incorporates the a deep knowledge of movement science with psychology and motivation to create a high-energy yet supportive environment in which clients can thrive & grow.  Jenny has a B.A. in Communications from Regis University and is AAFA Group Exercise, Piloxing, TRX, Spinning & RIPPED certified.



Nick is a Lead Coach at Momentumethod. Nick has boundless enthusiasm and zeal for delivering the gift of true fitness to clients. He has dedicated his life to the exploration of sports performance. Nick's path has allowed him to work with Division I athetes, professional athetes and everyday people looking to achieve their best. When he's not training, Nick dedicates time to researching the latest techniques & methods for reaching new levels of performance. Nick has a B.A. in Exercise Science from Salem State Universtity and is CSCS certified.




Luke is co-founder of Momentumethod.  He has built his career on a passion for innovating in exercise physiology.  He owns & operates two premier health & wellness centers in the Boston area where he applies an advanced knowledge of strength, conditioning, and corrective exercise to hundreds of clients each week. 

Luke has a unique ability to develop progressive health and wellness plans for people from all walks of life.  He has applied this wealth of knowledge to achieve an incredible range of results – from college athletes preparing for the evolution into professional leagues to 90 year old clients seeking a more fulfilling, active lifestyles.  Luke is a graduate of Springfield College with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and is NASM, CPT, PES, CES, FNS certified. He has built his professional staff with a diversity of skill sets and focus areas including agility, recovery & prevention, flexibility and power.  Luke partnered up with long-time friend & client Jason to develop Momentumethod to share the gift of true fitness with a broader audience.

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Jason is co-founder of Momentumethod. Jason has built his career using his passion for uncovering hidden value to advise & lead some of America's leading consumer businesses. Jason's specialty is managing special situations and transactions in the consumer goods & services space. 

A study of the science of improvement & progression, Jason operates with the belief that an unwavering commitment to a healthy mind & body is key to achieving true success.  He has partnered with long-time friend Luke to elegantly marry a culture of constant improvement with athletic coaching to help others find true happiness through athleticism mental fitness.

Jason is an avid outdoor enthusiast and experience junkie. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business from Boston College.