Momentumethod Q & A

What is Momentumethod?

 Momentumethod is a fitness philosophy based on the principle that a body in motion prefers to stay in motion. We offer retreats and training using a holistic approach that combines visualization, meditation, nutrition & exercise to develop enduring strength & confidence in daily life.

Where will I be staying?

Our retreaters stay in a luxury beach hotel steps from the beach in Playa Guiones, Nosara

What is a Blue Zone?

A Blue Zone is an area known for low rates of chronic illness and longer, healthier lives. According to National Geographic, there are only 5 Blue Zones on the planet.  Nosara is in one of them. 

What is the weather like in Nosara?

Nosara is a tropical environment. Temperatures range from 60 degrees in the morning to 90 degrees in the middle of the day. There are distinct seasons: December thru early April, it almost never rains. In April through July, there are tropical rain storms (~1 hour). October is the height of rainy season, it will rain every day for extended periods of time.

Do I have to speak Spanish to get through the day in Nosara?

No. You will meet people from all over the world in Nosara, most of which speak multiple languages including English. In Costa Rica, English language is commonly included in basic education, so many locals are fluent English speakers.

Do I have to be a fitness junkie to sign up?

Absolutely not. We design our programs so that everyone - any shape, age or size - can come and enjoy themselves and build confidence.

Do businesses accept US dollars?

Yes. All businesses in Nosara accept US dollars and Costa Rican Colones. Some local ATM's also give US dollars.

How intense are your exercise routines?

We are here to make you feel better and get you the benefits of exercise. Our method incorporates a balance of activity and recovery so that you do not feel exhausted. We want you to achieve real results.

If I have a food allergy, or dietary restrictions, will this be accommodated?

Yes. Before you arrival our team will contact you regarding your dietary needs. Menus for the retreats are customized for the guests.

Is the water safe to drink?

Yes. The tap water is safe to drink. In fact, the minerals found in the water are considered to be a component to why Nicoya is a Blue Zone.

Outside of the two lessons included in the package, would I need to rent boards?

Retreaters will have daily access to surfboards at the hotel

What might I need to purchase outside of what is included in the package price?

You have the option to purchase alcohol, massages, yoga classes, additional foods, quad rentals etc. Our on-site coordinator can assist with all your needs. There are numerous restaurants, shops and bars in Nosara.