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Nosara life in paradise

Nosara is situated on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The region is known for its authentic, laid-back lifestyle and incredibly friendly vibe.

We chose Nosara as the home base for our retreats because we could not imagine a better place to embark on the path to wellness.

For us, it's those memorable moments -

Walking down tree-lined paths to the beach scented with deep aromas of wild jasmine and vetiver

Getting a great workout on the beach and cooling off by diving into the ocean

Eating incredibly fresh food that traveled minutes, not miles, to your plate

Interacting with people who are truly engaged and happy

People in Nosara have a genuine kindness unlike any we've experienced around the world.


Nosara is renowned for some of the best surfing in Costa Rica and some of the most consistent surf in the world. With it’s beautiful sandy beaches and endless amounts of peaky and walled up beach breaks, surfers make this their playground for obvious reasons. 

Nosara is one of the most popular surf destinations on the planet

Nosara is also a top destination for wellness travel & home to the finest studios


Fresh. Local. Delicious. Known for its diversity of cultures, people from around the world have made Nosara their home. You can see that reflected on the variety of gastronomic options. From traditional Costa Rican dishes to the freshest fish and seafood, vegan and raw, Argentinian grill, authentic pizza, there's something for every budget and palate. 

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You will eat well during your stay in Nosara. We believe consuming nutrient-rich food to be an essential step to wellness.  Here in Nosara, you will eat fruits and fresh veggies that traveled minutes, not miles, to get to your plate.










We source our greens and veggies from an organic farm and the fruits that go into your morning smoothie come from local producers who pride themselves on having luscious, sweet offerings.

Seafood is sourced from fishermen from Garza and provisions are from local sources. 


Nosara’s uniquely beautiful beaches, are all part of the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge was established to protect the turtles that come each month to Ostional beach for nesting their eggs. For this reason it is forbidden to build on the border of the beach.  The buildings surrounding the beaches are small scale developments, so you won’t find any big international hotels or beaches full of tourists and chairs, or tacky restaurants. Most hotels and restaurants are boutique, eco-friendly establishments.



Some of the largest sea turtle hatcheries on earth are in the region

We don't miss sunsets down here
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Watching the sunset is a daily tradition. We use the time to connect with friends, reflect on the day and appreciate the surroundings.


Nosara is not a party destination, but you can find night activities like live music and dancing nights. Especially during Fridays and Saturdays you can find more nightlife

Fun, ecclectic parties
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